Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ninja Warrior

(Stage Three video of Yasushi Yamada)

Ninja Warrior, broadcasted on G4 in the US (which is mostly a gaming network), or Sasuke, as it's called in Japan, is this completely insane Japanese obstacle course and competition. There are four stages - the first three so extremely difficult that the final stage almost seems anti-climatic. There have only been two contestants, I believe, that have completed the entire course, and after each time that's happened, the courses have been completely remodeled.

My favorite part of each competition is the first stage! Seeing so many people falling into the muddy water after making wrong moves...there's just something so much fun about it. There are so many great characters, my favorites including "The World's Toughest Transexual" and the Octopus.

It's even become so popular that it spawned a competition for women only, and also special competitions for even children and also for older men and women.

You are seriously missing out on a whole lot of entertainment if you've never seen or heard of this show.

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