Thursday, May 15, 2008

Muxtape Stumbler

By now, everyone's surely heard of Muxtape. One of the things I didn't like much about it, although it was still fun, was that I had a hard time finding mixtapes that contained music that I would like. That's why I love Muxtape Stumbler. With this website, you can type in bands that you like, and come up with a list of mixtapes that you will likely enjoy. They show mixtapes that contain bands you type in, and similar artists. There is also an option to uncheck the box that searches for mixtapes with similar artists, and if you do that, it will only show mixtapes containing the artists you typed in.

I hope this is helpful! It sure helped me out a lot.

Also, here is one of my muxtapes, if you care to listen to it, hee.

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