Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, a Day Late.

(Mom in '79.)

Mother's Day is always something of a tough day for me. My mother passed away two years ago last November. It was so sudden, and because of that, I've struggled with coming to terms of why she was taken, and at such a young age. I miss her a lot. We were best friends, confidants, and always perfectly understood each other. Even though we both had red-hot tempers, and would get into massive fights sometimes, it was always followed with a long, calm talk that would perfectly explain why we were both so angry at each other. I never am able to do that with anyone else, and I wish I did have it.

Usually I try to ignore Mother's Day, but this year I looked through old photos (what's left of them - most were lost in Hurricane Katrina, but that's a whole other story). I wrote some non-blog related things, mostly about or inspired by her. I even wrote a letter, however geeky that may sound, and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, one of her favorite movies.

So, Happy Late Mother's Day to all mothers out there. Here are some pictures to further celebrate the day.

(Mom & her mom.

(Me & mom a long, long time ago, thank goodness. I was such a geeky thing.)

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Suffused With Love said...

Oh, wow, the first picture. Your mom was so beautiful. The way you spent Mother's Day was really wonderful. It's better than how mine was spent because there is such a lack of appreciation in my house and how my brothers act, it's ridiculous. I know I've never told you this but you make me appreciate my mom more. I'm not sure how to ever go about saying that to you which is why I've never done so. This is such a difficult subject, but it only ever reminds me that life is fleeting and that we need to embrace the time we have with people. Oh Lord, how cheesy! But it's true. I really wish I could come to California and give you a enormous hug. One day I will!!!!

FYI, now that I have discovered your blog I am adding it to my google feed so I can be frequently updated on your life :)