Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ferenc Cakó - Sand Animation

At the very end of summer last year, I went to the Orange County fair, not expecting much, but just wanted to check it out. Turns out I didn't do much besides ride one ride called Kamikaze (I sometimes blame my love of PJ Harvey for this) because I honestly thought the prices for the rides and food were ridiculous.

Just when I was about to go home and cut my losses, my friend told me that he was sure that Ferenc Cakó, a Hungarian artist who does a thing called sand animation, was going to be performing soon. It sounded interesting, so I stayed, and I'm glad I did! What he does with the sand is really almost unbelievable. He makes such real looking images with the sand, and works so quickly that it really is as if you're watching an animation, seeing a story lay out in front of your eyes.

For more info on Ferenc and videos and pictures of his work, be sure to go to his website.

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